Stain Remover Ypê

With the launch of the Stain Remover new line, the Tixan Ypê family now has the complete solution for cleaning clothes!
The Tixan Ypê Stain Remover can be used to clean tougher stains, including dry stains, on different types of fabrics.
To do daily laundry, use the Tixan Ypê Laundry Detergent, in powder or liquid version! To remove tougher stains , count on the Tixan Ypê Stain Remover.
Our Stain Remover comes to the market in two versions, powder or liquid. There are available for white and colored clothes or only for white clothes!
Efficient: Cleaning the tougher stains
Practical: Direct use on laundry machine
Cheap: Best value for money

Stain Remover Ypê - White and colored clothes

Stain Remover Ypê - White clothes