Original Ypê Fabric Softener

Ypê Fabric Softeners are manufactured with the caring the consumer deserves. Its exclusive formula leaves the clothes incredibly fragrant and soft.

The original Ypê Fabric Softeners count on fragrance capsules in the whole lineup, providing a pleasant, more intense and longer-lasting scent in the clothes. The fragrance stays, and so does the caring!

Furthermore, its formula with exclusive Hydro Ceramides creates a protecting layer on the fabric fibers, softening the clothes and making them easier to iron, providing the caring your family deserves.

Five versions are available, and all of them possess such a enveloping scents that the feeling of caring lasts for much longer.

Ypê Fabric Softeners. Caring that staaaays.

Carinho Concentrado

And what is the benefit for the Planet?

Switching the normal packaging for the green plastic one is equivalent to, say, hold off on emitting CO2 from 27680 cars a year.

It is a lot of caring for the Planet, isn’t it?!
Carinho Concentrado

And Ypê Fabric Softener, is it the only one on the market manufactured with green plastic?

Ypê Fabric Softener is the only one in Brazil to come in a package manufactured from a renewable material: sugarcane ethanol.

What has changed in the packaging?

The packaging now comes with a seal highlighting that differential to you, our customer.

Icon On a daily basis, as we consume energy, we liberate CO2 (or Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere, which contributes to the “greenhouse effect” that hastens Global Warming.
Icon The sugarcane is a plant that helps to fight back the greenhouse effect. That is because, as it grows, it absorbs the CO2 from the atmosphere.
Icon With its ethanol, our supplier manufactures the green plastic.
Icon At Ypê, the green plastic is then transformed into the Fabric Softener bottle, which after its use is 100% recyclable.


Caryng that stays